Sixto Bayoes Layao
Licensed Professional Teacher

13 Lessons Designed 

for Students

Get your copy of the lessons and learn at your own pace while at home or anywhere you are. This lesson is designed for students to help them to write, memorize and deliver their own public speaking masterpiece. 

Who can get these lessons?

Students currently enrolled in my class in Public Speaking within mainland China. Students from other countries are welcome as well. 

How to get these lessons?

Your can get the lessons in three simple steps

Step 1. Pay by scanning the code.

Step 2: Send your receipt to my email

Step 3: You will receive the file in your inbox or email




Overcome your fear and conquer your weakness. 
NOW is the time to do it!


This course is designed for the students who are currently enrolled in my offline course and are attending my lessons in the classroom. 

Special student discount applies. Outside students are also accepted to join this course and the same discount applies.


This course is designed for professionals who are currently working and looking for some ways to improve their public speaking and coaching skills.

Overcome your fear in front of people, be a man or a woman of confidence. Coach your students with courage.


This course is designed for the busy executives and leaders who would like to improve their skills in presenting their ideas and speaking in front of people.

Be a man and woman of authority, not only with your position, but with command voice and speech.


This is an exclusive crash course on teaching and lesson planning designed for the aspiring teachers and teachers to be. Best suited for the professionals who are looking forward to venture into the world of teaching. Also, to the individuals who want to learn how to teach and write a lesson plan. This course is a quick way of learning the the basics of teaching delivered by a professional teacher actively teaching in the field.

If you are planning to teach in China and you are not an education major or you have no experience in managing a class and writing a lesson plan, THIS IS YOUR BEST SHOT. This is a 1 to 1 skype lesson and you can ask questions live during the lesson.

(Limited Slots Available Per Week)