Sixto Bayoes Layao
Licensed Professional Teacher

Discover how easy it is to become a confident public speaker. Although it seems hard, just give yourself a chance to be taught by an active teacher on site. All lessons and lectures were made easier for the average students to follow.

THESE ARE DOWNLOADABLE AUDIO LESSONS SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR THE BUSY INDIVIDUALS who can't make it in the classroom. You can listen to it in your car along the way, at the bus station, train station, park and anywhere. All you need to do is; ENROLL - DOWNLOAD THE COURSE + TRANSCRIPTIONS = YOU'RE GOOD TO GO.

Follow the steps I ask you to do and you will be delivering your very own public speaking masterpiece in no time.

This course is ideal for:

  • Professionals and non-professionals

  • Individuals who have the desire to enrich their public speaking skills

  • Professionals who are scared of the crowd or audience.

  • Students who are competing for school, local, regional or national level competition.

  • Individuals who want to become a public speaker.