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By: SBL | March 15, 2017

In the past few months, we'd been doing some lessons focused on a single topic for the week. We learn the word, phrase and sentence then play and do some activities to help the kids remember the words. This time, we are now beginning to write. From this time on, we will be focusing on the Alphabet sounds and letters. This way, the students will learn how to write their own name in English and at the end of the term, the students are expected to read simple words.

By: SBL | March 08, 2017

Here is an overview of my lessons for the Junior Class 4 last term 2016-2017. In this gallery, you can see the actual activities going on except for the audio. In the class, WE SING, WE DANCE, WE PLAY, WE PERFORM, WE LEARN. That's how we do our daily lessons. As a teacher, I demonstrate things, and the children imitate me. The children enjoyed it; I enjoyed it, everyone enjoyed it, everyone is happy, when the children are happy with the things they are doing, they learn a lot faster.

By: SBL | March 05, 2017

You will be surprised how creative the children are. When you put them in a room of different areas of specialization, you will be amazed at what they can do to give life at the things around them. These are my students doing their own things according to their own interest and skills. You can see some are great performers, others are artists, some are builders and medical workers. 


While watching, these kids do their own stuffs, I can see many different professions awaiting their future and I as a teacher is just a part of their lifelong learning in achieving their goals. These kids are the future of the nation and we; their teachers are there to guide them all the way as they grow and mold their dream. It's just the begin...

By: SBL | February 26, 2017

When it's summertime, we think of Ice Cream, but in my class, Ice Cream all season. Look at my students Ice Cream craft in one of our classes. Everyone loves sweet, who doesn't? Unless you are on a diet, don't eat Ice Cream or you will get fat, but the kids and I love it so we made some Ice Cream and of course, we did not eat it. We, however colored it, cut it, and made everyone crave for it. Yummy Ice Cream everyone!

Do you have some exciting crafts that you and your students made in your class? Why don't you share it and make everyone happy.

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By: SBL | January 31, 2017

Here is one of my memorable moments with my students, they would like to greet everyone Happy New Year. These are 3-4 years old students from Junior class 4.

One of my teaching tools is my guitar, we sing all the time before the class ends and here is one of those moments captured by one of my Chinese co-teachers assigned in that class.