About Me

Hi, I'm glad you're here. My name is Sixto and I am a passionate teacher and traveler. Currently, I live and work in China as an ESL teacher. I'd been here for more than a decade now and I've traveled around many cities and provinces in the country including Hong Kong and Macau.

In my years of teaching in China, I've taught different student levels ranging from kindergarten to university level. One of what I do best is training and coaching students for speech competitions and special events. I have also organized many different activities for students to showcase their talents and skills in many different occasions such as Christmas show, public speaking competition, English festival and more.

I have also published some of my online lessons to help other aspiring teachers and students achieve their goals. If you are interested, just click any of the course on the right side if you are on PC and below if you are using a mobile and you will be redirected.

Teaching Kindergarten Students

Basically, as an ESL teacher, I teach English to Chinese students on a daily basis. This is my daily life in China. Below are some photos of my students and I showing the three kindergarten levels that I teach.

Junior class 3-4 years old
Senior class 4-5 years old
High class 5-6 years old

Teaching University Students

As much as I love teaching kindergarten, I am also a passionate teacher for higher levels of students from primary to university level. Below are the subjects that I teach.

Public Speaking / Speech

One of my favorite subjects is public speaking or otherwise known as speech. I also published an Audio Course about it designed for busy individuals like professionals and students with busy schedules that doesn't have much time to sit down and attend a class. 

My students and I after speech competition
University Public Speaking Training
Gansu Normal University Public Speaking Class

Teaching Primary and Middle School Students

Teaching Primary students
Teaching middle school students
Teaching adult professional teachers

Part of being a professional teacher is the ability to teach and handle a class of any level. Teaching is such a challenging career and it doesn't matter which level are we teaching to become effective in our chosen field. 

This is just a part and parcel of my teaching journey in China.

Teaching Kindergarten Slideshow